Get your running shoes on this February!

Sign up to run a marathon whenever you like during the month and raise money for St. Margaret's Hospice.

It's FREE to sign up and if you complete the challenge by running or walking 26 miles and raising at least £26, we'll send you a St. Margaret's Virtual Marathon medal. You can complete your marathon in one go (you may need to train first!) or in manageable stages like a mile a day.

To register, click the 'get started' button below and choose whether to record your miles using Strava, Fitbit or manually. Once you have registered, share your challenge with your friends and family so they can sponsor you, giving you extra motivation to clock up your 26 miles during February.

We’re hoping you will complete the challenge and raise at least £26 so the St. Margaret's Virtual Marathon can pay for 100 physiotherapy sessions to help our patients with breathlessness management.

Feeling breathless can be frightening, making the things most of us take for granted too much to face. But with just one session, either in the hospice or in their own homes, our physiotherapists can start to turn this around, enabling our patients to make each day count.

So this February why not get your running or walking shoes on and help our patients take back control of their breathing? If you raise £26 or more, we will send you a Virtual Marathon medal to show off to all your friends and family!

And to make it easy for you to track your miles and sponsorship, we have teamed up with Give Penny. To find out more, click the 'Get Started' button above.

Thank you and good luck!