We have arrived in Lima and I will hopefully get a chance to see my Uncle Pastuzo, who is living here in a home for retired bears. Uncle Pastuzo gave me my hat, so it will be nice to see him and Aunty Lucy again, and tell them about my life in the UK. Aunty Lucy taught me my famous “hard stare” so I will be pleased to tell her how it has kept me safe. I hopefully won’t be needing it whilst I am here in Peru with the St. Margaret’s trekkers, but it will be ready just in case.

Not many people know that bears come from Peru. I am a spectacled bear and we are the only bears who are native to South America. We are the largest land carnivore, although we only eat a small amount of meat. I much prefer marmalade sandwiches and I have plenty packed for the journey ahead.

Miss Clark and Miss Hook, who are taking part in the trek, also work in the kitchens at the hospice in Yeovil, and were telling me about the meals they make for the patients each day. I have given them my recipe for marmalade sandwiches, so hopefully that will make it onto the menu when they get back. It costs £10 for a patient's meals for a day, which donations from the Somerset community kindly cover.

We are heading off to Cusco today, so we're getting ready for a short hop back on the plane before meeting our guide and heading for our hotel. We will have a short time in Cusco to explore.