It’s our painting day today and we are all dressed in our best painting gear. The trekkers are all wearing their St. Margaret’s t-shirts and happily talking about the work that the hospice does in its local community. Bringing communities together is an important part of these treks and what makes them so important, so it's great that we'll be raising money for St. Margaret’s while also helping out in Cusco.

We are heading to a place called the Sacred Valley which is in the Andes. This was an early Inca Settlement and due to its climate and soil it was good for growing maize which was used to make Chicha, a fermented drink. I am partial to the odd fermented drink of an evening. Purely medicinal, of course.

We will be camping at our project and engaging with the locals to learn more about their lifestyle. I can act as a translator for the group so they can really understand what life is like here in Peru. I am sure they will find it fascinating and very informative.