It’s our first day of walking tomorrow. The climate of Peru is very changeable with lots of small micro-climates. The coast is sub–tropical with very little rainfall and we are heading to an area a with much more changeable climate. Our sleeping bags are good for -10degrees. I am not that worried as I have my duffle coat as well as my fur.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the trekkers ranged in ages from Miss Bean at 24 all the way up to some retired couples. Mr Singleton used to be a vet, so I know that I will be well looked after should my paws start to hurt.

After another day of painting it’s an early night and the trek begins tomorrow. I thought I would take them on the less touristy Salkantay Trail which is named after the highest peak of the Vilcabamba Mountain Range and it can be seen from the Sun Dial of Machu Picchu. So that should be nice when we get there.

The walk will start at Mollepata and there may be snakes and tarantulas along the way. Luckily, as a local bear, I will be able to look after my friends as Miss Bateman from the hospice staff is a bit scared of snakes. I may have to give them one of my ‘hard stares’ to warn them off and keep her safe.