Today’s the day when we start our trek and I am so excited to show just how beautiful Peru can be to my fellow travellers. Mr Williamson has visited plenty of countries raising money for the hospice am I sure he will like walking in my home country.

The route was once a trade route for cocoa and potatoes. There is even a chocolate factory close by. I hope we will get the chance to visit it when we get back from Machu Picchu. Bears like me love marmalade sandwiches but we are also partial to the odd bit of chocolate.

Everyone is wondering how many steps they will be doing today. I have a bit of a dilemma. I have very short legs so will end up doing more steps, but I can also walk on 4 legs, so would that be more steps or less? Sometimes being a bear can throw up the most unexpected problems but it will keep me busy on the walk trying to figure it out.

At the meal last night, everyone was so excited and ready for the off. I am sure the meal tonight will see a lot more tired but happy faces as they know each mile is raising money to help patients and their families back at home.