I spent a bit of time yesterday walking with Mr Ball. He normally walks at home with his dog Maisy and she is not able to join him so I thought I would keep him company. Walking with friends is so much more fun and rewarding. There are always plenty of topics to talk about and I am doing my best to teach the group all about Peru, which they can share when they get home.  You can take the bear out of Peru, but you can’t take Peru out of the bear. 

The walk was quite rocky underfoot today but everyone did really well. We finished in Soraypampa which is where we start today.

We have pack ponies following us to carry our equipment. We are limited to just 8kg per person which is not much. Luckily, I don’t need much. I have decided to carry my marmalade sandwiches though. I am sure the ponies could smell them and were eyeing them up.

We will be camping again tonight, this time at 3850mtrs above sea level and in the shadow of the snow-capped mountains. It should be a beautiful location to rest up for the night.

We are heading to Callway tonight, and this is our most difficult day as we climb nearly 1000mtrs and reach the highest point of the trek at 4600mtrs. This is nearly 3miles above sea level and higher than any point in Britain. Snowden is 1085mtrs above sea level so 3.5times higher than that! I am sure that the views will be spectacular. I might have to ask Mr Trump for a lift on his shoulders so I can make the most of it.

After we reach the highest point we head back down through the jungle which will present its own challenges with the terrain changing underfoot. This is what makes Peru such an exciting country. There is so much variety that no day is the same.