All paid up numbers are entered into the draw and winning numbers are randomly selected by approved secure computer software. All prizes are guaranteed to be won each week with the exception of the rollover prize which, if not won, will rollover to the following week to a maximum of £10,000 when it’s a guaranteed win.

For the rollover prize all paid up numbers will be entered into the draw with the exception of numbers that have won one of the guaranteed prizes (because each £1 entry can only win one prize in each draw – Gambling Commission rules). Unallocated numbers will also be entered into the rollover part of the draw. Therefore, either an allocated or unallocated number can win. If an unallocated number is drawn, the £250 prize will rollover to the following week.

If you would like, you can also have more than one number. The more numbers you have, the more entries per week you get, and the more chances you have of winning one of our great prizes!