Feeling the winter blues? Never fear! Take a look at our list of 10 ways to improve your year while helping St. Margaret’s, ensuring you get that warm fuzzy feeling from doing good too!

1. Get healthy

Want to get healthy this year but lacking the incentive? Why not Lose the Booze for a month or go Sugar Free for St. Margaret’s? By asking people to sponsor you, you’ll be holding yourself accountable which should give you that extra boost to stick with it.

2. Get fit

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, why not take on a fitness challenge like our 13km Great Somerset Walk, our Great Somerset Cycle, or a 10k run or half marathon in aid of St. Margaret’s? By signing up to an event you’ll get fit training and feel a massive sense of achievement when you reach that finish line.

3. Have loads of fun

Fitness doesn’t have to be serious and intense – you can improve your fitness while having fun at the same time. St. Margaret’s holds a variety of events throughout the year which put the fun into fundraising! Our Colour Run and Bubble Rush events see thousands of participants running (or walking, skipping, hopping or dancing!) around a 5k course through paint stations and bubble stations. Take a look at our events page to choose your event.

4. Improve your job prospects / learn new skills

We have over 1,200 volunteers who are absolutely vital to the care we provide. From helping out once or twice a year at our fundraising events, to a regular weekly commitment as one of our receptionists, we have something to suit everyone. And volunteering doesn’t have to be completely selfless… Find a role that you feel would help you in your desired career and get some essential skills to put on your CV to impress future employers

5. De-clutter

There’s a reason Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became a bestseller! Having a clean and tidy environment around you can help you feel more focussed and organised, as well as making your environment more aesthetically pleasing. Have a de-clutter and know that your stuff will be going to a good home by donating it to one of our 36 charity shops.

6. Spend time with friends

Lacking in quality time spent with your besties? It’s hard to find time to get everyone together so why not hold an Evening In or a Time for Tea and invite your friends around to raise money for St. Margaret’s. This is an easy way to raise money while enjoying yourself with your favourite people (and with wine or cake)!

7. Be in with the chance of winning

Sign up to our Lottery to be in with the chance of winning your money back! It costs just £1 a week you could be in with the chance of winning 1 of our cash prizes including the top prize of £1000. A fantastic way to give a little to your local hospice while giving yourself the chance to get something back.

8. Bring your community together

In this world of social media it can be difficult to find that community spirit. By holding your own fundraising event for St. Margaret’s, you’ll get the opportunity to bring your neighbours and friends together for a good cause – think fashions shows, street parties, Spring balls… whatever your imagination can come up with!

9. Save money

Our shops are full of fantastic quality goods at bargain prices. Next time you’re looking for a new outfit or even a sofa, pop in to one of our 36 stores to see what you can find. Plus, we have a variety of products available on our online store. Shop with St. Margaret’s to save money and know that the money you pay goes towards the vital care we provide.

10. Challenge yourself

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and take on an extreme challenge for St. Margaret’s! From skydiving to international treks, take on a challenge for St. Margaret’s to boost your confidence and show yourself what you really can achieve. Plus, think of the photos you’ll be able to share on social media – skydive selfie anyone?