Light in the Darkness - A Christmas message from our Spiritual Care Coordinator, Rev Ann Fulton

Coloured lights, Christmas tree lights, twinkling lights, candle light…. all around us homes, streets and churches are filled with light - lighting up the mid-winter darkness of December.

From St Margaret’s Hospice we have gathered in churches across Somerset to ‘Light Up a Life’, holding in our hearts the memory of those dear to us.  And in our hands we have held a little candle, its flame so small yet so full of meaning - a witness to our love for those who will be missing from our table this Christmas.

In the Christmas story the shepherds on the hillside found themselves surrounded by the light of the angel, urging them to journey to Bethlehem; and it was the light of a star that guided the wise men to the crib of the Christ child.  For Christians the significance of Jesus’ birth is just the beginning of our faith story until its climax in the glorious light of His resurrection.

For others the light of the festive season may derive from sources of human love and joy - the excitement of children, family reunions, celebration meals and other activities. 

On the other hand, however, it may be more about looking for a glimpse of light in the darkness of sickness and pain, the shadows of grief, or the isolation of anxiety, loneliness, regret and more. If it feels there is little light in your life this Christmas, please know that, in company with many others in church and secular communities, we at St Margaret’s are holding you in our thoughts. 

And perhaps those of us who are blessed with a sense of light, from whatever source, in these celebration weeks might light up an extra candle and remember in love someone known, or even unknown, to us.