Caroline Archibald, Nurse Specialist at St. Margaret’s Hospice in Taunton, knows how important it is to so many patients to stay in their own homes. Giving patients the choice of where they want to be cared for can improve their quality of life and let them continue to enjoy home grown pleasures.

With that in mind Caroline also knew that additional equipment, which could easily be taken to homes around the county would help the team to take more accurate observations of patients, building an overall picture of health, meaning symptoms could be controlled to enable patients to stay in their own homes.

With a goal in mind Caroline enlisted her dad, David Latham, to help. Together, over the last 4 years they have been holding Cake and Christmas Cards Sales, at David’s home to raise money for the equipment. Earlier this year they reached their target and were able to purchase Thermometers, Blood Pressure Machines, Pulse Oximeters and BM Machines.

Caroline said “The next challenge was working out the most convenient way to carry these items, it was then that my colleague Faith said she knew of someone wanting to make a donation to specifically help the Community Team.” Vernon Sears was so thankful of the care Faith and the team had given to his Wife before she passed away that he wanted to give something back. Faith approached Vernon with the idea his money could go towards purpose made bags for the Community Team to enable them to safely carry the new equipment.

“Vernon saw this as a lovely way for the money to be used and we were able to place an order. The team are so pleased with the bags and the equipment, it’s meant we are able to assess all of our patients quickly and accurately, ensuring that we are providing the best care possible. The Community Team would like a say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Vernon and David for their support, these bags and the new equipment really will make a big difference to the team and their patients.” Continued Caroline.

St. Margaret’s Hospice is a charity and relies on the support of the local community to continue to provide care and support to over 3,200 people across Somerset each year. If you would like to know how you could help St. Margaret’s make each day count for patients and their families facing a life-limiting illness, please visit