Winning Moves UK, under official license from Hasbro, has announced they are launching an official Monopoly board game dedicated to Taunton, featuring local landmarks, voted for by the local community. They are offering a Taunton charity the chance to appear on its very own space in the game and St. Margaret’s Hospice is asking its loyal supporters to get voting!

Votes can be cast by emailing [email protected] and asking for the charity space to go to St. Margaret’s. Voting closes on Sunday 23rd April and the game is due to be released in time for Christmas 2017.

At St. Margaret’s Hospice we know how important friends, family and the simple pleasure of a board game like Monopoly can be. Whether it’s keeping children entertained while they offer companionship and normality to a patient, or offering an escape to relatives facing a challenging time.

It’s a simple act of family, sat around, waiting patiently to reap the rewards of a hotel built on Mayfair (or in this edition will it be the Castle Hotel?). Family and friends are the medicine that can’t be prescribed but they bring so much support to patients facing a life-limiting illness.  

The game featured in so many childhoods, again brought out as every member came of age. A source of fun, education in money and light-hearted arguments, the simple pleasure of a board game can transfer through generations and offer an escape at times when distraction is welcome.

“We think it would be such a privilege to be a feature in this British institution and a lasting reminder to friends and family, of the simple pleasures of family life. Please email [email protected] asking for the charity space to go to St. Margaret’s Hospice.

Featuring on the board game would remind us all that it’s sometimes the simple things that help St. Margaret’s Hospice make each day count for patients and their families facing a life-limiting illness in Taunton, ” says Clare Gallie, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at St. Margaret’s Hospice.