Volunteer receptionist Wendy Camp has been welcoming visitors to St. Margaret’s Hospice in Taunton for 25 years.

To mark the milestone and thank Wendy for her dedication, Clinical Director Joy Milliken and Volunteer Coordinator Sue Wilmott presented her with a certificate and some cupcakes.

Wendy, 73, who lives in Taunton, began volunteering when her youngest son started secondary school.

“I had been a stay at home mum and I was looking for something to do,” she said. “You need a focus to your week, and I didn’t want my obituary to say ‘She ironed a lot of shirts and peeled a lot of potatoes’. I felt I could be useful in however small a way.

“I remember coming to visit a neighbour who was a patient at the hospice and what struck me was how friendly and safe it felt.

“I would recommend volunteering to anyone because it’s rewarding and you get back what you put in. I enjoy coming here because it’s one of the friendliest places I know and everybody is so kind. The hospice is very welcoming – it’s an oasis of calm.”

Joy said: “First impressions are very important and our volunteer receptionists do a fantastic job as the first point of contact many people have with the hospice.

“Volunteering for 25 years is an amazing achievement and we wanted to thank Wendy for everything she has done for St. Margaret’s. Wendy has seen a lot of changes as the hospice has grown and our range of services has expanded over that time, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our determination to support local patients, family members and carers who are coping with a life-limiting illness.”

More than 1,200 people across Somerset volunteer for St. Margaret's Hospice in a wide variety of roles. For more information about volunteering opportunities, click here.