An Evening In

Hold an Evening In and simply ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on a night out to St. Margaret's Hospice - it couldn't be easier!Read more

Celebration Giving

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding and support St. Margaret’s Hospice at the same time in lieu of gifts, or donations on the big day.Read more

Fundraising Groups

A chance to share ideas with like-minded people and come up with ways to support St. Margaret's Hospice.Read more

Go Sugar Free

Give up sugar for a month for a healthier you & to raise money for St. Margaret's.Read more

Lose the Booze

St. Margaret's supports over 3,200 people across Somerset each year. To ensure this care continues we're asking you to lose the booze to raise money for St. Margaret's Hospice.Read more

Time For Tea

At St. Margaret's it's often over a cuppa that many important words are shared. We're asking you to help us raise money by putting the kettle on and making 'Time for Tea' .Read more

Your Fundraisers

Meet your local Community Fundraisers. The team are available to support you as you raise vital funds for St. Margaret's Hospice in your local area.Read more