Aimee's story

Aimee Dawe talks about the care her Mum received from St. Margaret’s Hospice, enabling them to say goodbye in the best way possible.Read more

Alister’s story

Inspired by the care his grandfather received, Alister Wilmott uses his talents as a performer to support St. Margaret's Hospice.Read more

Amy's story

When Amy Gill saw a poster for St. Margaret's Great Somerset Night Walk, she knew it would be a fitting tribute...Read more

Anne's story

Anne Opie is a Ward Volunteer at St. Margaret’s In-patient Unit in Taunton, and she ensures all the small but vital things get done...Read more

Cath's story

Around two years ago, Cath Hine’s Dad was admitted to St. Margaret's Yeovil Hospice. Here, Cath tells their story.Read more

Doreen's story

Reception volunteer Doreen Eastment has been welcoming visitors to our Yeovil hospice for 12 years.Read more

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth Yates began volunteering for St. Margaret’s Hospice in 1984, and has been fundraising ever since!Read more

Greg's story

Greg Schofield explains why he cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise funds for St. Margaret's Hospice.Read more

John's story

John Young explains why he volunteers as part of our Spiritual Care team.Read more

Matthew and Sandra's story

Matthew and Sandra Williamson have embraced the challenge of getting fit and raising money for St. Margaret’s Hospice by joining our 2018 Overseas Cycle.Read more

Michael's story

Michael Copham is a Ward Receptionist at St. Margaret’s In-patient Unit in Taunton. He has been volunteering since 2014 when his wife passed away at the hospice.Read more

Mike and Tess’s story

Mike Edwards explains why St. Margaret's Hospice will always be close to his family's hearts.Read more

Patrick's story

Patrick's Mum, Ann, was admitted to St. Margaret's Hospice. To say thank you, Patrick is now fundraising for the hospice...Read more

Patrick's story

Not your ordinary volunteering story...! Patrick the cat has been a permanent fixture of St. Margaret’s Yeovil Hospice since it was a building site in 2003.Read more

Rosie's story

Rosie Callard volunteers at the St. Margaret’s support group for patients and carers which meets at our Sunflower Centre in Taunton.Read more

Tim and Lin's story

For many, retirement brings visions of finally relaxing, but for a couple in Yeovil it’s just meant more time to give to St. Margaret’s.Read more

Tony's story

As well as being an avid fundraiser, Tony Harris is also a dedicated volunteer in the St. Margaret’s Bridgwater Furniture Shop...Read more