Please donate today and help us reach more patients and their families in your local community facing a life-limiting illness.

Currently we care for over 3,200 people across the county. However, there are many more people in your community who really need our care, but we don't have the resources needed to reach them.

Most people think of St. Margaret's Hospice as our buildings in Taunton and Yeovil. What they don't realise is that we also care for patients at home. In fact, we now look after more local people in the community than we do in our Hospices.

We only receive 25 per cent of our total costs from the NHS. That means virtually every visit one of our team makes, every night shift, every positive end-of-life experience we enable, is paid for by donations from people like you in our local community.

More than 70 per cent of people say that they would prefer to end their days at home, surrounded by their family. It's easy to understand why: it is a place where they feel loved, safe and comfortable.

The importance of our services is demonstrated to us every day in the stories of the families we meet. Take the time to read Marigold's story, because it shows how we care for local people and their families as a result of your support.

The demand for St Margaret's services has never been greater. Any donation you can afford, will be kindly received.