Among the fantastic fundraisers lining up for the Glitter Run Remix is Catherine Pike, who is taking on the challenge in memory of her husband Wayne.

Joining her for the event at Wincanton Racecourse, on Sunday 19 May, will be their daughters Scarlett, nine, and twins Isabelle and Lexie, six, as well as a group of friends.

“The girls are really excited and want to give something back to the hospice,” said Catherine. “After Wayne passed away, they made cards saying ‘Thanks for taking care of Daddy’.”

Wayne was cared for at our Yeovil In-patient Unit for around five weeks shortly before he died in October last year, aged 43.

“Wayne had bowel cancer and he initially went into the hospice for pain relief,” said Catherine, 33, from Somerton. “The girls were able to come and visit often, and Wayne had his own room where they could sit and watch TV together.

“The nurses were absolutely amazing. They were so supportive to all of us, and made it as much like home as they possibly could. People could pop in to visit whenever they wanted.

“The nurses kept me informed, but Wayne didn’t want to know too much and they honoured that. They asked if he had any questions but didn’t try to force any information on him.

“When it became clear that Wayne wasn’t going to be able to cope at home, I was able to stay in the hospice with him. One of the nurses took the girls outside to play so we could have some time together. All the staff were fantastic with our friends and family, and made everybody so welcome when they came to visit.

“The hospice helped Wayne to come home a couple of days before he passed away, which is what he wanted. Since then the girls have had some counselling with Penny, one of the Family Support Therapists at St. Margaret’s. They are really looking forward to the Glitter Run Remix and have taken their sponsorship form into school.

“We wanted to do something to say thank you for everything St. Margaret’s have done for Wayne and our family. We want to help make sure other families can receive the same amazing care.”

Catherine set herself a sponsorship target of £400, which she quickly reached with the generous support of family and friends.

“Most people don’t know what the hospice does until they know somebody who is cared for by them," she said. "People have been keen to help raise funds for St. Margaret’s because it does such amazing work and it’s so reliant on fundraising.”

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