As part of Dying Matters Awareness Week, we're asking people to make sure nothing is left unsaid by considering an 'Emotional Will'. An 'Emotional Will' contains messages and thoughts that the writer would like to leave, rather than objects. Here, we ask St. Margaret's Director of Fundraising, Marketing a Communications, Clare Gallie, what messages she might like to leave her loved ones...

Is there a special memory you would like to remind someone of?

Planting vegetables in the garden with my children and my father before he died – happy times and something I still do with my children.

Is there something you have learnt during your lifetime that you would like to pass on?

Nothing is impossible, keep trying, be kind, laugh, love and make the most of every minute.

Do you have a favourite film, book or song (or all 3) that you would like to tell a loved one about so that they can think of you when they watch/read/listen to it?

Calamity Jane with Doris Day – I can’t sing well but her character makes me smile and she keeps trying no matter how many times she makes mistakes.

Is there anything you’ve wanted to tell someone but have been too shy/afraid/embarrassed?

Not really but maybe something I should do more of is tell my friends and family that I love them.

Is there anything you were given by your parents or grandparents (such as a recipe) that you would like to pass on to someone?

Yes, the secret recipe to Dorset Apple Cake and Portland Dough cake (not that I can make them very well).

Is there anyone you would particularly like to acknowledge for their influence on your life?

I have been so lucky that many people have helped and influenced me over the years – my Dad for his business skills, Diane Cresswell my first boss in the charity sector who taught me so much, Claudia McVie my second boss who I have learnt so much from, especially valuing people, and the importance of laughter and creativity.

What has helped you get through the hard times in your life?

Remaining focused on the outcome, my family and friends, my ability to laugh at myself.

Is there anything you would like to request someone to do?

I would love to ask Deborah Meadon who lives in Somerset to meet with me to discuss how she might consider getting involved with St. Margaret's Hospice – I have a lot of respect for her and think her support of our charity would be amazing.

What would you like to let your loved ones know you wish for their futures?

Health, happiness, friendships, love and laughter – and to always try your best.

If you would like to try your own 'Emotional Will' you can download our template here.