As part of Dying Matters Awareness Week, we're asking people to make sure nothing is left unsaid by considering an 'Emotional Will'. An 'Emotional Will' contains messages and thoughts that the writer would like to leave, rather than objects. Here, we ask St. Margaret's Director of People and Organisational Development, Lisa Price, what messages she might like to leave her loved ones...

Is there a special memory you would like to remind someone of?

So many! I’d like to remind my husband of one of my happiest memories – eating a fabulous Italian meal up in the baking hot hills overlooking Florence many years ago. A great memory to have as it was somewhere I’d dreamt of visiting since a child.

Is there something you have learnt during your lifetime that you would like to pass on?

Taking a risk usually pays off – and even if it doesn’t don’t panic! Many things are risky with no set outcomes but the way we grow and learn most is by taking them.

Do you have a favourite film, book or song (or all 3) that you would like to tell a loved one about so that they can think of you when they watch/read/listen to it?

I have a shared favourite song with each of my children – I would say listen to it from time to time and smile and picture me getting the words wrong and dancing badly in the kitchen!

  • Flowers in the window – Travis
  • Be still – The Killers
  • Lazarus – Porcupine Tree

Is there anything you would like to say sorry for?

Yes! So many things but I like to keep a short account so I hope I’ve said sorry along the way - but if there’s anything at all I’ve forgotten I am definitely sorry.

Is there anything you were given by your parents or grandparents (such as a recipe) that you would like to pass on to someone?

I have a fantastic carrot cake recipe using lots of ground nut oil which was given to me by my elderly aunt in New Zealand – I’d like to pass that on to all my running group friends in memory of all the times we’ve enjoyed post-run coffee and cake together. We have supported each other through many ups and downs so I’d love them to have this to remember me by.

Is there anyone you would particularly like to acknowledge for their influence on your life?

My lovely dad who died many years ago was a great influence on my life. He gave me some great advice when I was quite young and a long way from home and not very happy which was basically that you just can’t make everyone happy all the time Lisa so let yourself off the hook now and again!

What has helped you get through the hard times in your life?

My Christian faith has given me strength and peace during the difficult times.

What would you like to let your loved ones know you wish for their futures?

For them to be surrounded by people who love and understand them; to be fulfilled in their work, know that they’re making a positive difference and to know that their future is secure.