1982; In June, the first nursing officer, Miss June Fenn, began working for St. Margaret’s. Home Care was launched in Taunton during December, covering a radius of 3 miles.

1983; In February, the Frank Bond estate generously donated land to the Charity and in August of that year planning permission was granted and an appeals committee was established, tasked with raising the £1.6m needed for an In-Patient Unit in Taunton.

1987; After four years of fundraising, championed by 'The Friends Association', the 16-bed In-Patient Unit in Bishops Hull, Taunton opened in June. This provided companionship, friendship, support and access to medical services for the terminally ill. In October of the same year the first shop also opened at 60 Bridge Street, Taunton.

The name St. Margaret's was chosen because of the link with continuing care that had been provided by the old hospital and leper colony in Hamilton Road, Taunton since 1160. It was named after the patron saint, St. Margaret of Antioch.

1988; The Day Care Centre opened in Taunton to the first 2 patients, for 2 days a week.