St. Margaret’s gift vouchers are the perfect gift for Christmas. There’s always that hard to buy for friend, or the relative that doesn’t want anything, but you don’t want to leave them out.

By buying your loved one a gift voucher you are helping ‘make each day count’ for patients and their families facing a life-limiting illness across Somerset. Instead of buying that token pair of socks or bottle of bubbly, buy a gift that gives something back to your local community.

You can purchase a voucher for £10, £21 and £45. When you’ve confirmed your order, we’ll pop the card in the post to you, ready to give to your loved one. Cards take 3 – 5 days to arrive and your friends or loved ones will know their Christmas gift has helped make each day count for patients this Christmas.

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Jan Proud, one of our Nurses, describes Christmas on the In-patient Unit:

It was a beautiful, clear but cold morning. The sky was midnight blue, the stars shining brightly, piercing the darkness. A light frost was covering the car – perfect for Christmas morning. I drove all the way to the hospice in my silly snowball hat – it’s Christmas!

All the staff greeted each other warmly, wishing one another ‘Happy Christmas’, and I wasn’t the only one in a daft Christmas hat! Not forgetting our wonderful patients we would be caring for this Christmas Day, we quickly focused on the day ahead, only to be distracted by a wonderful sound…

…”Holy Night” – it was the sound of an angel, singing so simply, beautifully with meaning. The music echoed high into the vaulted ceiling, drifting down to staff and patients sitting in silence, all experiencing different emotions of joy, hope and reflection of Christmases past. It really was the perfect start to Christmas Day at St. Margaret’s.

As the morning raced on, the atmosphere took on a more festive and fun vibe, with Father Christmas making an appearance, resplendent in his best suit, trimmed beard and a huge smile to greet the patients. With all gifts delivered at the end of a long night for him (!) he posed with patients and staff, with many patients commenting they hadn’t posed with Santa since their childhood.

At lunchtime I sat with a patient who needed some help. Both wearing our silly hats, we sat together to enjoy the wonderful Christmas meal our talented catering staff had produced. While drinking a port and lemon and eating turkey dinner, followed by Christmas pudding, she told me of past Christmases shared with family and friends, of the wonderful love she had felt over the years, and we both shed a tear while quietly reflecting.

After lunch the ward started filling with festive visitors, watching Christmas TV together and exchanging gifts. We decorated the tea trolley and took around a selection of drinks for everyone to enjoy. There was a party atmosphere in the lounge and two patients’ wives enjoyed a glass of fizz while sharing a wistful and knowing smile.

Christmas Day at St. Margaret’s focuses on joy and companionship, which is true all year round, but at Christmas it’s especially poignant. Yes, at times, there is grief, pain and immense sadness at the hospice, but there is also hope, optimism, bravery, fun, laughter, naughtiness, practical support and lots and lots of love. Please help us to continue to make each day count, including Christmas Day, for our patients and their families facing a life-limiting illness.

  • £10 – Buy a Christmas Dinner - Pays for a 3-course meal for one of our patients over the Christmas period.
  • £21 – Sponsor a Nurse - Pays for one hour of nursing care over the Christmas period.
  • £45 – Support a child who has lost a parent - Pays for a counselling session for a child who has lost a parent.

Give someone the gift of care this Christmas, spreading Christmas joy throughout Somerset.