Most patients under the care of St. Margaret’s are able to remain in their own home, supported by our extensive community services without coming into the hospice. There are five community teams supporting patients across Somerset, bringing the benefits of hospice care to those who can remain at home.

Expert clinical care comes from our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, community nurse specialists, physiotherapists, social workers and occupational therapists. The team works closely with GPs, district nurses and other community health and social care workers. Our staff provide information to help patients understand their illnesses and to manage symptoms, as well as offering appropriate treatments to improve patients’ quality of life. They are also there to signpost to other services that may be useful, or simply to listen and to allow patients and carers to share their concerns. They may only be involved for a short time but are always available for help if needed by contacting 0845 070 8910.

The impact of living with a life-limiting illness affects families in many ways and we believe that social care support is a very important part of our work. Our hospice nurses and social workers can help organise advice on financial benefits and provide information about local support groups and other services available, such as St. Margaret's Day Hospice at our two Sunflower Centres in Taunton and Yeovil.  These both offer a full range of medical and social support to ensure patients and carers do not become socially isolated.

Sometimes a patient’s condition stabilises to the stage where there is no further need for our services. However, we encourage patients and families to contact us if their circumstances change and they need our help again – support is only a phone call away: 0845 070 8910.

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