Your relationship with St. Margaret’s makes a strong and positive statement about the values that underpin your organisation. Partnering with a trusted local charity that reaches out to the heart of the local community allows your business to:

  • Develop your staff's skills, including communication, teamwork, networking and more
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract, motivate and retain staff
  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen your brand
  • Increase sales by associating new products and services with a good cause
  • Help integrate local communities with our brand and yours

Our Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser, Sadie Ellison, will work with your business to define what you want to achieve while supporting St. Margaret’s Hospice. We want our corporate partnerships to be beneficial for both parties and we know that each business is individual and unique so, whether you’re looking for positive PR or to encourage team-building among your staff, we’ll be here to support you too.