In October 2016, Patrick Robinson’s Mum, Ann, was admitted to hospital with a suspected fractured hip. After scans and tests however, the family found out that Ann had cancer, and she was given just 4 weeks to live. After some time in hospital, Ann was moved to St. Margaret’s Hospice.

Patrick said “Mum was put in a lovely ward with a view of the garden with squirrels running around and lovely colourful trees and shrubs. Most importantly, she was able to get some fresh air.

“My most memorable moment was when Mum first got to the hospice and she asked when meal times were. When she was told that she could have whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, Mum looked at me in surprise and just couldn't fathom it.

"Mum said she fancied soup and, within 10 minutes, fresh home-made soup was delivered to her on a tray with a little flower in a vase. I could have cried. The level of care and attention was just unbelievable. Mum had come from a hospital where she’d felt she was a nuisance and didn't want to ask for anything, to St. Margaret's with a level of care that was first class. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was too much trouble.

“It wasn’t just Mum who received care though. The nurses and the rest of the team were also there for my brother and me, offering warm smiles and comfort, as well as regular updates on Mum’s condition.”

Ann’s dogs (whose cuddles she lived for!) also came to visit, helping to lift her spirits. Sadly though, Ann soon began to deteriorate.

“The nurses made her as comfortable as they could, and treated her with such dignity, such respect and such love.

“When she was moved into a side ward and I stayed with her in her final night, they made me welcome and as comfortable as possible.”

To show his appreciation for the care that his Mum and the family received, Patrick is now taking part in St. Margaret’s Great Somerset Cycle.

“I owe so much to St. Margaret's Hospice and thank them from the bottom of my heart. I will take part in the Great Somerset Cycle with pride. A thank you will never be enough, but I will forever be in St. Margaret’s debt.”