What does a tenner buy these days? A couple of supermarket meal deals, a nice bottle of red? The answer is, it doesn’t go a long way. However a regular £10 donation to St. Margaret’s Hospice every pay day would go far. Over a year a £10 donation would pay for a home visit from one of our specialist nurses assisting with pain control.

How can companies and their employees help?

We’re asking employers in Somerset to sign up to a Payroll Giving scheme, offering employers another way to support St. Margaret's Hospice, completely at their employee’s discretion.

For Employers:

Setting up a Payroll Giving scheme for your employees is simple and can have many rewards for your business:

  • Boosts staff morale and motivation
  • Attractive when recruiting new members of staff
  • Can add to your own charitable giving with little extra effort

For Employees:

  • It’s easy and convenient and comes straight from regular pay packets (ie monthly, weekly etc)
  • It’s tax efficient as it’s taken before PAYE tax is deducted
  • No limit on the size of the gift
  • Donations can be changed or stopped at any time

If you feel this is something you would like to offer your employees, or you would like your employer to offer this, then please see below a list of agencies who facilitate the scheme.

Payroll Giving Agencies

Charitable Giving
Charitable Giving, previously South West Charitable Giving, is one of the largest Payroll Giving agencies and administers schemes throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They serve over 1,500 employers, ranging from small businesses to ‘household’ names in the private and public sectors.

Telephone: 01822 611180
Email: mail@charitablegiving.co.uk
Website: Charitable Giving

Charities Aid Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation manages Give As You Earn, the UK’s largest Payroll Giving scheme with over 6,000 employers participating on a national and international basis. They support the HM Government funded Payroll Giving Quality Mark and give practical support to employers on how to get the best out of their scheme. The administration fee varies between 0-4% per donation.

Telephone: 01732 520 019
Fax: 01732 520 144
Email: giveasyouearn@cafonline.org
Website: Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Trust
Charities Trust is an innovative leader in donations management and one of the largest Payroll Giving Agencies in the UK. They have specialised in payroll giving since it was introduced to the UK in 1987 and manage some of the largest payroll giving schemes including many award winners.

Telephone: 0151 284 1912
Fax: 0151 286 2360
Email: info@charitiestrust.org
Website: Charities trust