In 2017 St. Margaret’s Hospice and Memoria decided to create a new concept in order to provide all communities with a modern, caring, transparent and personal funeral service that caters for all tastes, budgets, religions and preferences.

We are proud to offer a transparent menu of products and prices that range from an unattended direct cremation to a bespoke traditional funeral.

Our selected service options are easy to understand and allow you to find a service that suits your needs, but at a price that you can also feel comfortable with.

In addition, we offer a range of pre-arranged, fixed cost funeral plans to cater for all budgets and personal choices, so that funeral arrangements can be made in advance.

To find out more, please contact St. Margaret's Hospice Funerals by clicking here.

Hospice Funerals’ Vision

To provide all hospice communities with the choice and experience of hospice funeral services that uniquely reflect the dedication, warmth and reputation of the hospice movement – an extension of exemplary hospice care – caring, transparent and personal.

Hospice Funerals’ Mission

To bring choice, quality and affordability to families in our communities, so that they can celebrate the lives of loved ones with a unique and individual funeral that respects their wishes. This is achieved by only engaging highly trained staff with unwavering attention to detail and compassion – so ensuring a caring, transparent and personal funeral to all whatever their budget.