We're all trying to be healthier this year, and with the latest trends of clean eating and sugar free, why not give yourself some extra motivation and commit to giving up sugar for a month while raising money for St. Margaret's Hospice. 

We know it's a big ask, which is why you'll need the support of your friends and family, and what better way to show they believe in you than by parting with some dosh?!

1. Decide to ditch the sweet stuff

First thing's first - decide to give up sugar and decide what you can and can't eat! It's up to you to choose what's on your 'allowed' and 'not allowed' list. We recommend giving up all the naughty sugars found in cake, chocolate, fizzy drinks, biscuits, ice cream, and the sugars you add to your tea, instead of foods like fruit which are naturally high in sugars, but still full of goodness (see our 'Sugar free: The rules' below). However, this is your month so ultimately it's up to you! Set out your dos and don'ts for the month and then set yourself a fundraising target. 

2. Start raising sponsorship

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about what an amazing thing you're doing and ask them to sponsor you to prove your willpower. Click the links below to set up a fundraising page and download a sponsorship form. Share your fundraising page on social media and send it via email, and take your sponsorship form with you wherever you go! Telling people why you're giving up sugar for St. Margaret's is a great way to encourage people to sponsor you. Our Community Fundraisers are happy to help and give your support too. Fill in this short form to let us know you're taking part so we can thank you, offer support and hear about how you're getting on.

3. Make your fundraising efforts interesting

There are lots of ways you can have fun throughout your chosen month while topping up your fundraising total. Add to your fundraising efforts by holding a sugar-free bake sale, set up a sweepstake for how much weight you'll lose with your new healthy diet, and ask your workplace about match funding. 

4. Pat yourself on the back!

Once you've completed your month (we know you can do it!) give yourself a massive pat on the back. St. Margaret's Hospice is hugely grateful for the funds that you've raised. We hope that you'll continue your healthy lifestyle, but we're sure you deserve a bit of chocolate cake for doing so well... 

Set up an online fundraising page here

Download a sponsorship form here

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